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Local Management of Schools

The Board's LMS Unit provides high quality financial planning and management information to meet the needs of school principals, Boards of Governors of schools and other external agencies.
The Unit is responsible for the administration of the LMS Financial Schemes for all Controlled, Maintained and Integrated schools (excluding special schools) in the Board's area.
Within this department, the Local Management of Schools (LMS) unit is responsible for:
  • calculation of each school's share of the overall budget allocation;
  • allocation of any additional funding during the year;
  • assisting schools to plan their expenditure by providing projected figures, based on previous expenditure and any changes notified by the school and others;
  • providing schools with regular financial reports to enable them to manage their budgets; and
  • production of the annual budget statements and outturn statements for each school.

Each school has a designated member of staff within the unit responsible for dealing with queries. The LMS is the primary interface between individual schools and the Area Board.
The General Principles of the Local Management of Schools (LMS) are defined by statute and consist of detailed procedures followed in the daily management of schools. These procedures define how schools are funded as part of the annual budgeting process.