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School Holidays


Harmonisation of school closing offers opportunities for economies in the operation of school transport, school meals service and crossing patrols. The approach to harmonisation reflects the widespread support, which has emerged both from schools and parents, for some co-ordination in the designation of school holidays.  

Month Dates Days
August 2015 Full Month 21
September 2015 0
October 2015 29th - 30th 2
November 2015 0
December 2015 21st - 31st 9
January 2016 1st 1
February 2016  15th & 16th  2
March 2016 24th -31st 6
April 2016 1st 1
May 2016 2nd & 30th 2
June 2016   0
July 2016 Full Month 21
    TOTAL  65 days

Listing by School for Holidays and Closures 2016-17

Schools which request Translink to provide additional buses normally only available on term time dates, will be charged by Translink for that service on any of the above days.

Note: under the terms of the Single Status agreement all Board and School auxiliary and ancillary staff are now entitled to 12 statutory holidays per year. Staff required to work on any of these holidays will therefore be entitled to double time payment plus one day off with pay to be agreed locally.

At least three clear days notice of subsequent variations for the submitted programme of closings must be given to:
a.Headquarters Offices ( Corporate Information Services) 
b.Education Welfare officer 
c.Meals Kitchen 
d.Milk Supplier (if appropriate) 
e.Transport Office (if appropriate) 
f.Library HQ (if appropriate) 
Similar notice of all closings must be given to the appropriate Inspector


Where it is necessary to request an additional closure, due to circumstances outside the control of the school, please inform the Department of Education immediately so that approval may be obtained and inform Corporate Information Services Unit of the Board (028 9056 6328).

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact SEELB Corporate Information Services on 028 9056 6328 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Board arranged transport will not be available on these dates and pupils' travel passes will not be valid. Schools which request Translink to provide additional buses, normally only available on term time dates, will be charged by Translink for that service on any of the above days.