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Child Protection

The CPSSS is a regional service which: 

  • Provides advice, guidance and support to designated teachers and deputy designated teachers on the handling of Child Protection issues.
  • Provides training to all relevant staff.
  • Operates a telephone helpline.
  • Maintains a register of schools’ designated teachers. 

Contacts in the SEELB:
Colum Boal 028 9056 6434
Alison Casey 028 9056 6274 

A1-UNOCINI Referral Form
Guide to completing a UNOCINI Referral-1 oct 15

ACPC Policy Procedures
Intimate Care Policy
Regional ACPC Policy & Procedures Letter
Sexual Activity in Children - Risk Assessment

Thresholds of Need Model

Learning and Teaching

"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn". (Albert Einstein)
Learning and teaching remain at the core of school improvement and are at the heart of effective, well-led schools and CASS provides specific support in a number of key areas.

Policies and Procedures are the driving force behind how a school is run and a school has a wide range of policies which govern its safe and compliant operation. These include a policy for Learning and Teaching and CASS provides support for schools in writing this policy. The Learning and Teaching Policy should be reviewed and revised as necessary, and a new policy and procedures should be written as needed.

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What CASS Provides

The Curriculum Advisory and Support Service key priorities reflect the Department of Education’s Resource Allocation Plan. These include raising standards, closing the performance gap and developing the educational workforce. Whole school support is prioritised under five main areas to reflect the Northern Ireland Education Boards’ CASS Coherent Plan. 

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BASE Education Library Service

A shared service between the Belfast and the South Eastern Education and Library Boards located in the Ulidia Resource Centre.
Operating as part of CASS, BASE provides a range of services within the context of the board's corporate plan and learning strategy.

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