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Suspensions and Expulsions

Each school must maintain a discipline policy which details the standards expected of pupils and the sanctions including suspension and expulsion which may be employed whenever a pupil contravenes these standards.

Suspension of a pupil from school remains the highest sanction which a school can impose and may only be implemented by the Principal normally in a situation where all possible/reasonable preventative strategies and alternative sanctions have been tried. 

The Principal may suspend a pupil for an initial period of not more than 5 consecutive school days.  A further period of suspension cannot be imposed without the prior approval of the Chairperson of the Board of Governors.  Parents and the Board must have written notification of the reasons for the extension and the period of extension.  A pupil may not be suspended for more than 45 school days in any one school year.

In relation to controlled schools the Expulsion Committee of the SEELB is the expelling authority.  For all other categories of school it is the Board of Governors of the school that is the expelling authority.

A request for expulsion cannot normally be considered until all such reasonable alternative strategies and sanctions have been tried and a period of suspension has been served.

In all cases where a recommendation for expulsion is being considered a Consultative Meeting is required to be attended by the Principal, the parents, the pupil (appropriate to his/her age, ability and aptitude), the Chief Executive or his nominee and the Chairperson of the Board of Governors.

All requests for expulsion from a controlled school will be considered by the Expulsion Committee of the South Eastern Education and Library Board and will be convened at the earliest possible date.  The decision will be communicated to the parents and if appropriate, will also advise them of their right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Tribunal.

Download the Procedure for the Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils from Controlled Schools