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About the Board

Mission Statement

"To raise the standards of learning and levels of achievement of the people of the Board’s area through the provision of high quality education, library and youth services."

The Board was established in 1973, following a re-organisation of Local Government in Northern Ireland. It is a corporate body, established under statute as the Local Authority for education, youth and school library services in the south-eastern region of the Province.

The region comprises five Council areas:
council areas2

Key Statistics

The 2013 midyear estimate of the population of the Board's area was 418,671 and at October 2013 there were 63,503 children attending schools in the area, with a further 1,878 children in voluntary and private pre-school education centres.
  • During 2014/15 the Board provided/supported:
  • A Music Service
  • 2 Residential Outdoor Education Centres
  • 22 Controlled Youth Centres
  • 295 Voluntary Youth Groups
  • 4 Neighbourhood Renewal Areas
Within the Board's area there are:
  • 19 Nursery Schools, 25 Nursery Units and 89 Voluntary and Private pre-school providers funded under the Pre-School Education Expansion programme
  • 150 Primary Schools
  • 26 Secondary Schools
  • 10 Grammar Schools
  • 10 Special Schools and 20 mainstream schools with Special Units


Nursery, primary and post-primary schools funded under Common Formula Funding, which is a system of delegated funding based largely on school enrolments. In 2014/2015 these schools received a total delegated budget allocation of £165 million.

The Board receives core funding from the DE to enable it to provide a range of services to schools and pupils.  In 2014/2015 the Board’s core budget for these services is £77 million.  Further allocations may be received from DE during the financial year, for specific initiatives and projects.

The Youth Service budget is provided by the DE and is ring-fenced.  The recurrent budget for 2014/15 is £5.6 million.

Funding for Student Finance and support services, including home to school transport for students attending Further Education Colleges, is provided by the DEL and Learning and is ring-fenced.  The recurrent budget for 2014/2015 is £1.9 million.

In addition to core recurrent funding, the Board receives earmarked funding throughout the year for specific purposes and funding for approved capital projects from the relevant Government Departments.
From 01 October 2015, the Education Authority (EA) will no longer routinely advertise job vacancies in local, regional or national newspapers. Read more..