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SEELB Corporate Structure

The Board is comprised of operational units across four strategic management units.
These units aim to provide an excellent service to their client groups while operating to the highest self-imposed standards. 

Under the direction of the Senior Education Officer (Administration) these units include:
  • Human Resources - which provides for recruitment, equal opportunities, industrial relations, pensions and benefits, job evaluation and staff development, services to schools and Headquarters units. The Human Resources unit also constitutes and maintains the membership of Boards of Governors of all schools.
  • Transport - which is responsible for the provision of home to school transport for circa 25,000 young people, daily transport for school events, the youth service and the delivery of meals.
  • Legal and Insurance - which deals with general legal matters, and all aspects of insurance, risk and property management.
  • Property Services - which provides maintenance and capital development services for all Board properties. 
Under the direction of the Chief Finance Officer these units include:
  • Accounts/Cashiers - which process payments and receipts in accordance with statutory obligations;
  • Salaries and Wages - which ensure that payment of all salaries and wages by the due date;
  • Local Management of Schools (LMS) - which aims to provide high quality financial planning and management information to meet the needs of school principals and Boards of Governors of schools;
  • Budgetary Control - which aims to provide high quality financial planning and management information to meet the needs of all non-school sections of the Board;
  • Financial Control - responsible for an efficient and effective financial management reporting system for the Board;
  • Purchasing - responsible for the provision of a professional and effective purchasing service which achieves value for money and meets the standard of quality required by schools and Headquarters units;
  • Awards and Benefits - to provide high quality support to parents and pupils;
  • Direct Service Organisations - responsible for providing an efficient and effective delivery of cleaning services, catering and grounds maintenance services to schools and Headquarters Units.

    All units co-operate in assisting the Board to achieve its mission statement:- "to raise the standards of learning and levels of achievement of the people of the Boards area through the provision of high quality education, library and youth services".